A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Arthur Chance and The Summoner's Moon is a fun cartoon fantasy point and click adventure in the style of games like The Curse of Monkey Island, Deponia, and Broken Sword.  This demo will let you guide Arthur as he starts his adventure to save his magical mentor Odhi from the mysterious evil wizard, Tarrok.


Arthur Chance Demo Windows.zip 273 MB
Arthur Chance Mac Demo.zip 276 MB


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That was really good so far! A nice amount of content for a demo project as well.

I would constructively suggest ditching the hold-to-select options on items/environment though. It feels like an irritant and I don't see what's really gained by it over just a click to bring up the menu. At first I thought the game was glitching out, but that's my own fault for neglecting to read the controls carefully.

Hi Arceus444,

Thanks for the feedback - that's definitely something I've considered tweaking for the next update.  

Thanks for playing!

Took some time but I got the coin and berry. Bring on the upper levels of the castle! :)

Hi Cryptic Hybrid -

I really appreciate you putting up a play-through!  It spotlighted a few things I need to address with some of the text disappearing too quickly, plus a couple of other things you mentioned at the end.

Thanks for playing!

It was my pleasure, I can't wait to see the story unfolding.